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Introducing r/ChinaMemes

In the immortal words of Mao Zedong, "memes hold up half the sky," so we've set up r/ChinaMemes for all your shitposting needs.

Moderation there will be kept to a bare minimum, so go crazy.

(High-quality memes will still be allowed on this sub.)

Scandinavia's largest seller of glasses and contact lenses to move all production from China to Sweden

Australia to discuss critical supply chains with Japan, India and US as China relationship frays

Taiwan pins hopes on US election winner staying tough on China

Where would PRC be today if they were run by Kuomintang?

Leave your thoughts 😀😀😀

Chinese wife: “I want an open concept kitchen!” Also Chinese wife:

Beijing urges swift UK response to Hong Kong protest outside London embassy

How do most Chinese citizens view the Uighurs?

Idk, that’s it. I’m just wondering.

Whistleblower virologist's mother reportedly arrested by Chinese government

China is escalating its punishment diplomacy

China’s Hardball Tactics Have Isolated It From The World

Shenzhen scuba diving info

Does anyone have any knowledge/experience (preferably within the past 2 years) scuba diving in Shenzhen? I have looked all over the internet but i have found minimal information. Names of dive centers, price, dive times, quality, would you reccomend? Thanks!

TicTok is a wise Chicken in the Party’s Pen

China's treatment of Uyghur Muslims sparks anger near new embassy site in London

Famous Chinese brand logo swap. Saw an article about Logo swap online and got inspired to try it myself but decided to do Chinese brands instead. I actually spent more time looking for the matching fonts than actually working on the designs 😆

Taiwan hopes Trump gets better so he can keep resisting China

Flying Tigers pilots with a P-40 Warhawk, China (early 1940s)

SMIC shares fall as Chinese chipmaker warns of hit from US curbs

Apparently Gambling In Macau Happens More Than In Las Vegas

Nine Days in Wuhan, the Ground Zero of the Coronavirus Pandemic

China’s celebration of Trump’s misfortune echo those of 9/11

'BLM and China'

China Blocks Wikimedia From WIPO... Because There's A Taiwanese Wikimedia Chapter

Happy Harbor-Water Show-Fountain Water Curtain Light Show, another Shenzhen internet celebrity check-in point, Shenzhen City of Technology | kekeTV

Chinese React To Viral Wuhan Pool Party Video And China's Handling Of COVID-19 | STREET INTERVIEW

Chinese firm refuses to honour pact on sharing Covid-19 vaccine tech with Bangladesh

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