How CBD Oil Is Made

Bluebird Botanicals has built its business around CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis. The company sources organic hemp from Colorado farmers and then extracts CBD to make a range of products they say has helped customers treat a range of health issues. We head inside Bluebird’s facility to see how the company makes oils, capsules, and pet products with CBD.

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How CBD Oil Is Made

我已经读过 隐私政策 并接受它。

Is HerbStrong a legit CBD product brand i recently purchased a cartridge off their site hoping to give me the feeling it should is it good?

After sushanth came to know about it...🙄

I don't get why this video is age restricted, it's just CBD oil

Indivita Australia Makes Best CBD

Awesome! I will check out Bluebird, they look cool.

Thanks for sharing this information!

1:51 oh my good 😱

I dont like the fact that they can grow the crop but the lower class cant even have a marijuana tree in their house.....because then its comsidered illegal.

Plot Twist : Its actually just Ear Wax




Amazing video from an amazing operation

Scary when you be talking commercial hemp. Organic, naaaah

Malayaali undoo🤑

karen: “cAn I puT it In mY diFfuSeR?”

Isnt blue bird thoes people who make 1st aid kits for school busses.

Is this CBD Medicine kit for CORONA VIRUS DISEASE ?

With all the full spectrum/whole plant Cbd oils I`ve used in the past , were dark in color , syrup like and smelled like cannabis. Recently tryed one from a different well known Company , clear in color with no essence of cannabis , more like a Mct oil !! Has anyone ever encountered this before ?? Going to give Bluebird a try ....

Where are Agent KIKI CAMERANA & WALT? Lol

I rather just smoke

Продает плацебо и рассказывает как он сильно помогает людям. Цирк...

Hannnnn more business and exploitation

I have tried many CBD products and didnt think they work till I tried Natures Bloom CBD. So glad I kept trying, that shit is great!

Why is this age restricted

Bluebird is extremely overpriced.

Looks like my goddamn earwax

How to sensibly buy LEGAL CBD oil? Because I got a letter saying customs have confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

what about CBT oil

Why is this age-restricted

CBD salesgroup::Ever tell a kid u mixed in medicine in their juice? But didnt?

0:03 I may have taken some CBD myself because that looks like some strange caramel

Health potion 🤔

How is this age restricted

Why it's age restricted 🤔


"but this one, won't get you high"
Me : oh crap

Shit i thought it was Nutella so I clicked quickly but I didn’t see the vid title 😅

Age restriction why?

ngl the thumbnail looked kinda yummy

Who asked?

Those drops look more watery than oil smh

Yup ! Lock up black people while white people make money off it.

Why is video age restricted cbd is federally legal?..

From what I understand, the cbds are good for treating central nervous system tremors (like epilepsy and Parkinson's) and possibly cancer prevention. Patent 6630507 spells it out pretty clearly.

Forbidden butter

Elon smokes weed everybody goes crazy

An Insider Reporter tasted 'OIL'
Well at least Insider's stock not f-up yooo...

CBD does absolutely nothing for me

I thought it was Dulce de Leche

Who else doesn't know what CBD was and thought the oil they were talking about was the stuff in the ground

Who else clicked on the video thinking it was caramel

Who else here feel absolutely nothing when taking cbd? I think its snake oil.

The best thing in amaerica!!! Along with weed! Man I love the marijuana plant!!!

Look at all that damn weed that will get you high as hell

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0:29 is the pun which nobody asked for.

I thought it was candy

what cbd 😐🙄

CBD as in Caramel-Baked Delicacy?

Have you ever extracted CBD oil on weed?

won't be long till this is abused

I just read CBD as "Cock ball dorture" wtf is wrong with me i need to go to sleep


Woody Harrelson’s brother has his own CBD called harrelsonsown and it’s the fastest absorbing CBD cause it’s emulsified. The oils take way longer to absorb

Dang I’m early

Blue Bird is the name of my middle school

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Were is everyone?

America: Did someone say OIL?

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these companies tax it by turning it into tinctures cbd distillate is super cheap now.

That sticky stuff looks like peanut butter, caramel and Nutella mixed together.

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Random fact: One study of young children showed that they asked an average of 300 questions per day!


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“You’ve probably heard what CBD is by now.”

Well actually, I don’t even know what oil is...

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