THC vs CBD: What's In Your Weed?

How do CBD and THC work differently?
Two Stoned Guys Try To Explain The Respiratory System | STONED SCIENCE:

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Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
Written by: Greg Brown
Illustrated by: Max Simmons
Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot

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Created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).

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我已经读过 隐私政策 并接受它。

What to do in a urine test for thc not coming out Could you please tell me urgently?

There was this one time i tried studying US History while i was high beyond comprehension. I read the same sentence over and over again for 30 mins and i still had no idea what it meant

But if cbd inhibits the receptors can you still get a runners high or a simmular pleasure/ sorry about my spelling

I’m a real pot head I really combined the two together. That CBD and THC high will have you so high and relaxed at the same time

I hate the high from weed, CBD is way better

Absolutely I cannot believe how CBD works myself I have bad arthritis, and it hurts me when I Wake up ever Morning but sense
I have been using a cream to put on my joints and a tincture to take orally.

I wake up in the morning and I do not have the pain that I use to have I do take a 1000 mg of tincture,
and I noticed my anxieties went away also I hear CBD is good for many many things and I can't believe
what a difference it has made in my life.

The only problem is there are many sites out there that is diluting, the CBD and using inferior
products and some of it doesn't do anything except just waste your money.
I have found a site, called fantastic price and the quality of their CBD.

And they even give a free pack of gum with any purchase over $60 plus free shipping on everything,
check them out and you won't be disappointed in poor quality CBD anymore.

I just chugged a cbd shot I fell sooo mellowww

Y’all hype up tree too much 😭

take the cbd person and make them look depressed then you have your answer

They are 2 different plants tho,

Is it a good idea to buy cbd weed and mix it with weed bought "at street" in one joint? :)

I just watched this video 4 times in a row and realized it just now

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im feeling fancy alright

SOY narration pathetic

Why'd you draw the person on thc screaming

I just tried to double tap this video to like it

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Come and thank me later

快乐星球 一手货源 可零可批vx:dl666888a

I'm so high I'm watching this with a smile on my face and my head feels like its just boiling😁

You talk too fast. I like the v sign. Soo vagainish.

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My brother and I got our stuff from this legit plug he got it delivered at my door step

Damn I respect all the scientists in the comment section. Hats off.

Thanks it is legal in the US, Washington, Oregon, Colorado... and? I wanted it for sleep without addiction. I guess I will go to our legal stores here

I just finished running and im high af no thc no cbd

3:06 wooooo canada

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who else is watching this while high?

I just found out that my teacher attended university with you guys thats sooooo cool

What would be a good balance of percentage to get anti anxiety AND be high?

I'm so baked that 1:00 made me laugh

I just stoped smoking thc ,I do get anxiety and my question is what would be the proper dosage of cbd should be good .I do not what to feel the anxiety .t


CBD is the only thing that makes this year tolerable

Bro i’m moroccan we smoke hashish
Ain’t no such thing as CBD in here. I think if americans smoked moroccan hashish they would freak out

i did thc today and i felt so dead😂😂

Does CBD end up eating the receptors that are shaped like little dots?

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Just took CBD for the first time. I feel like a new person. My anxiety: BOOM 💥 Gone

It’s pronounced Tetra hydro canna binol! Not Can nab inol! The second n is silent! I’m trying your products now. I’m interested why your liquid is recommended using every 2 months and only 10 days at a time, where on your capsules it says nothing about this?

" Marijuana legalization becoming mainstream"
Cries in German 😭

i smoke balanced weed cbd/thc and it give me good high just less paranoia and anxiety than ´´thc only’´ strain

thc is way better than cbd am i right?

I don't like this #channel

Once upon a time oxycontin was being promoted as safe. Now it's CBD oil. Truth will only come out after a generation

I'm here because Bollywood actress take CBD oil

I live in the netherlands and and u can buy weed in a store 1 min away from my school so we basically get high every time we have an hour break

what happens when you inhale weed im kinda scared do i die like what happens?

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I got 98% thc and like idk even kno I’m high

Who ever buy bud with " CBD " Yall smoking fake weed dont get too excited weirdos 😂😂

CBD is best

Ahh makanta

Do you really need something, which will play with your natural brain chemical system, I mean this is just too much. Do not smoke, it's not good for brain, no mater how cool they show weed smokers in the media, it's all propaganda by evil medical system, make you sick first and them make money from you for medicines. Choice is yours.

It's making young generation crazy, stop before it's too late, and you end up in mental hospital.





Im smoking for years, but dont know if releasing through my nose slowly or holding in my lungs longer supposed to get me more high...

there are good benefits of ganja but to promote western culture like tabaco and alcohol the pressure came to suppress ganja.

What about %93.5 THC and 0 percent CBD

I mixed alcohol with thc. Starts out funny. Then everything slows down almost as if time itself stopped. Hands start melting/burning. Feels as if you're going to die any moment. :D

Make a video on how to grown a weed plant.

This magical plant should never have been made illegal anywhere on our beautiful planet!?! If there is a god he or she put it here for us all to use!?! Sure tobacco should be illegal absolutely everywhere!?! It’s madness really!?!

You might as well go for THC... CBS gives you a little buzz, it's like the equivalent to smoking Blac N milds in my opinion..

Do you know what I think marijuana could help with anorexia

This right her though is different and much more affordable

My friend took some CBD oil drops and he thinks hes gona get Hi..

He is still waiting for that Hi to kick in..

Thc better just sayin

Now lets learn how to roll some joint :)

i had thc in the edibles

The thumb nail is wrong more CBD the more “slumped” you are and more THC the more”hyped” you are.
“This comment was based off of research from google” please do your research before you comment or make yt thumbnails

We need to popularize THC/CBD hybrids. Best of both worlds in my opinion

Yeah the music has me tripping out

Imagine what would happen Marijuana gets rediscovered as the cure for covid19

Thc and CBD is sativa and indica weed different😀😀😀😀😀

What did u say?

Smoked both today

Cypress hill

So in conclusion, CBD is diet weed

So in other words: THC means Sativa. CBD means Indica? Right?

Cbd does help me With psychosis I love it

0:12 lmao that’s the actual bowl my friends and I used in college 💀

I can see the music !!

I love how this person is unbiased and just wants to tell us the truth

This explained so much, thank you. I really need to be taught like a child with things like this so I can fully understand everything. The visuals help a lot as well.

Cbd helps a little but cannabis helps with my Ptsd

Let's just vibe to the music in the background 😂

I bought a disposable thinking it had tch. I dont feel anything so it must be cbd right?

Small amount of TCH (I guess 1% up to 3%) has healing properties..

anytime the thc hit i feel like they laced my shit. i think cbd might be worth a try.

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THC for the win.

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I didn’t know how much strains mattered until now, but they do. Had one that was definitely very strong in THC and the one I bought for myself is hybrid. The strain my friend shared with me made me quite paranoid and very very hungry, but the one I have for myself makes me feel like my heads up in the clouds and I’m calm and just one with the world. Plus it’s strong so as a beginner the gram I have will last a while. It’s rolled into 4 joints and I don’t even need a full one to feel the effects.
If you’ve ever tried weed and thought “I don’t like it that much” keep in mind different strains have different affects. I think this one is Guava or something, really mellow high. I’m probably a stoner in the making.